Cover Netting

Load securing in wagon transport with plastic nets

Unsecured cargo in freight transport is a high safety risk. International freight traffic is becoming increasingly important. High speeds are reached and often longer distances are covered. The risk of accidents is increasing. 
Few people know the danger posed by an unsecured load.

AK2 offers you the solution for safe transport in international rail traffic.

In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, a plastic net has been developed that meets the requirements of load securing in today's wagon traffic. This plastic net for covering wagons is easy to handle and protects your load during transport.

Furthermore, AK2 plastic nets are becoming more and more important in the most versatile areas of application:

  • On farms, e.g. in the cultivation of grapes, fruit, wine and berries. Here the easily deformable plastic netting offers the perfect protection against bird infestation.
  • In animal husbandry, the durable AK2 plastic netting is ideal for enclosure construction. Thanks to its even, precise mesh, injuries to the animals are largely excluded.
  • The AK2 plastic net is very effective in the protection of monuments and buildings - once it has been covered, no pigeon has a chance to camp.
  • Even in sport and leisure parks the AK2 plastic net is indispensable. As a net for catching large and small balls, or as a separation of individual playing zones.
  • safe and faster handling - no risk of injury due to protruding wires
  • Full-surface load securing with minimum personnel deployment
  • very low tare weight
  • high load-bearing capacity
  • Versatile use in a wide range of goods areas (light scrap, wood shredding, waste, etc.)
  • space-saving (compactly wound)
  • environmentally friendly (100% recyclable no chemical residues in case of thermal recycling)
  • meets all loading regulations