Tubular Protection (TP)

TP nets are tubular, extruded nets made of polyethylene (PE) and were developed to protect mechanical parts, tools, metal parts, etc. from impacts and damage caused by contact friction. The nets are used in warehousing, internal logistics or final packaging.


  • Guaranteed protection of painted or treated parts
  • High resistance to oil and grease aggression
  • Elimination of pro-vocati problems caused by friction or compensation
  • Highly elastic and therefore a perfect fit for every shape
  • Protection against moisture through optimal air circulation
  • Reusable, therefore reducing waste and costs
  • Completely recyclable or thermally recoverable
  • Simple to use
  • Universal and versatile packaging that guarantees the visibility of the product
  • Wide range of sizes, diameters, thicknesses and colours available on request


  • Mechanical semi-finished parts with high finishing and precision
  • Parts with painted, galvanized, electropolished or galvanized surface
  • Bottles and glass parts
  • Alumunium elements, drive shafts and piston rods
  • Fittings and fittings
  • Ceramic parts
  • Furniture parts
  • and much more.


  • ELASTIC: Nets that adapt perfectly to the most irregular shapes
  • PROTECTIVE: a wide range of safety nets against all risks
  • PS: extra large hose nets to also protect sanitary and large ceramic products, for example